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Libro starting BIG things in Strathroy 

Volunteering to make community stronger

“There is a real need for this in our community.”

Jesse Terpstra, Branch Manager at Strathroy Libro Financial Group believes it is important for local businesses to encourage their staff to donate their time to support the local youth.

Staff members from Strathroy Libro Financial Group volunteer during their lunch break once a week at a local Strathroy Elementary School as mentors in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of London & Area’s Brothers & Sisters in School program. This one to one mentoring program matches a mentor with a mentee in grades one through five. They spend time building a relationship, playing games, doing crafts, and other fun activities.

Larissa Ernst, School Based Program Support Worker from Big Brothers Big Sisters of London & Area (BBBSOLA) said the Libro volunteer engagement has made a BIG impact on the Brothers & Sisters in School program.

“The involvement from the staff at Libro has been such a fantastic thing for this program. This influx of volunteers has allowed us to find matches for children that were really in need of mentors. The dedication that Libro has shown to this program is an incredible display of community engagement,” said Ernst.

 Libro Strathroy - BSIS volunteers - edited
Left to Right: Carrie-Lynn Hollingsworth, Karey Adams, Dianne MacDougall, Nancy Fernandes-Giles, Mary Vander Vloet, and Jesse Terpstra

The staff at Libro heard Terpstra talk about Brothers & Sisters in School and couldn’t wait to get involved and be a part of the positive change.

“I think volunteering is important to the community because it builds the community itself. Kids are a part of the community; adults are a part of the community. It takes a village to raise a child. So I think we together will give our influences, give some information to the kids,” said Terpstra.

Libro strives through various means to be community builders, whether it’s through their community builder grant program and Share the Future program. But, the Strathroy Libro Financial Group staff have personally taken steps to make the community stronger by volunteering their time through Brothers & Sisters in School.

Karey Adams, Account Manager at Strathroy Libro Financial Group believes that volunteering is vital to community growth.

“I do believe in volunteering because someone is not getting restitution or payment for it. They are doing it for their heart. They are volunteering because they believe in what they are doing. I believe that passion shows and is catching and the community joins in once they see that passion and that commitment and they think maybe they want to do it too. And, that’s what I believe volunteering really pays off,” said Adams.

If you would like to start something BIG for another Little in the community, fill out the online application.


Libro Strathroy Brothers & Sisters in School volunteers talk about the program, volunteering, and mentorship:

Dianne MacDougall, Financial Service Assistant

"[Mentorship} is important. It brings a different perspective for kids being with somebody they wouldn’t be…it’s a positive outlook to life."

"I think [the students] will become stronger citizens. They will want to do it themselves and pay it forward. In the long run, it will benefit the community with more volunteers."

Carrie Hollingsworth, Sales Representative

"I think [mentorship] important. I think a good role model is important. It’s a positive influence and someone to talk to someone she feels safe and comfortable with."

Karey Adams, Account Manager

"I think [Brothers & Sisters in School] builds stronger youth. They become more confident in themselves and they may reach out in the community to help."

Mary Vander Vloet, Service Representative

"I am able to [volunteer] it on my lunch hour. The timing for me works out really well. I enjoy being with the Littles."

"I think [having a mentor] is a positive influence on the kids. It’s a continuance…I think it can only be a positive thing. My Little is very shy, for her to open up with someone now is a positive thing because she has to learn how to talk to new people her whole life."

"I think it’s always good to give back to the community. If everybody gave a little, it would be a better place…Volunteering builds community – a better community I think."

Jesse Terpstra, Branch Manager

"I like that [Brothers & Sisters in School] a defying time. I put it in my schedule that I have lunch with my Little once a week."

"There is a real need for this in our community."

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