April 2017


We’d like to introduce you to April’s Match of the Month Ryan and Cameron. Ryan and Cameron have been matched for just over three years! Way to go guys! We had a chat with this match to get to know them better and help you see why they’re our match of the month!

We started off by asking Ryan what made him want to become a mentor, “I wanted to become a big brother because it is very important for children to have positive role models. As a big brother, I can help give Cameron someone to look up to and learn from, apart from his parents. We both learn from each other and grow together. Big Brother was very appealing when I heard about it and once I turned 18 I applied to become a mentor. They have done an amazing job matching us together and we are both very happy with what they have done for us.”

Wow! What an amazing answer! Thanks for that Ryan. We of course continued on in the usual way by asking these two what they like to do together, “We have lots of favourite things to do. We like to go to the YMCA, we like going to the Movie Theatre, we like playing board games and we like playing outside and going for hikes. We love tobogganing but only could go out once this year.”

So what have these two learned from one another?

Cam: “That I should be myself and never change.”

Ryan: “It has taught me to appreciate the little things in life. Cameron doesn’t take anything for granted and wants to learn about virtually everything. It was broadened my respect for lots of things and I have had a lot of fun doing things that I never would have done if I didn’t have a little brother, such as kid activities and doing silly things.”

It goes to show that both mentor and mentee learn a lot from one another when in a match. It really is a mutually beneficial relationship that allows you to get to know your match and yourself. So guys, why don’t you tell us your favorite memory:

Cam: “Seeing my Big Brother for the first time.”

Ryan: “We did a pottery class together and were awful at it but we had a lot of fun doing so.”

Aww now that is sweet! So Ryan, what would you say to others thinking about becoming a mentor, “I highly recommend it to anyone looking to volunteer, whether they like working with kids or not; I say this because I never really worked with kids a lot and it has opened my eyes to how much fun it is. The fun experiences you have and the lessons you learn are priceless and I am so happy that I can be a Big Brother and I will always cherish the fun times Cameron and I have together. I have recommended various friends to this program, and one of my close friends has recently become a Big Sister.”

Thanks guys! We really appreciate you taking the time. Stay tuned for our next match of the month!

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