December 2016


Meet December’s Match of the Month Sam and Asia!

Sam and Asia are a terrific match that have been going strong for four years! WOW!

We recently sat down with this match to get a better understanding of them and why they’ve been such a great match. We asked Sam about why she became a mentor, “I’ve always liked working with ids, and I wanted more experience. I liked the aspect of this and I am glad I did it.”

We are glad you did it too! We of course asked Asia the important question of what they’re favourite things to do together. We got an excited, “I like make crafts. My favourite craft was making the emoji pillows.”

Mentoring is often about lessons and while Asia shared that Sam has taught her to be less shy. Same has shared that she has learned just as much if not more, “Asia has taught me consistency. Being there every week is an important thing for our relationship. I’ve liked seeing the impact that one person can have. I see change in her all the time just in the four years we have been together.”

Well that is amazing and we can see why! These two have had some amazing adventures from going to the Wizard of Oz to tubing at Boler Mountain!

Asia was kind to let us know that she looks forward to one day being a mentor and Sam shared to those out there thinking about being a mentor, “I would tell them it’s amazing, and worth every minute. It’s amazing making a bit of a difference.

Finally, we turned to Kim their Mentoring Co-ordinator who said, “Asia and Sam have been a strong match from early on. Their commitment to each is extraordinary and it is great to hear about all the fun things they do such as planning a vegetable garden, creating a scrapbook and lots of crafts.”

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