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Match of the Month


Meet May's Match of the Month: 

Dan and Andrew! They have been matched for over nine years! Wow!

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We’d like to introduce May’s match of the month Dan and Andrew. Can you believe that they have been matched for nine years! Wow! We sat down with these two to get to know them better and of course show why they’re this month’s match of the month! We asked Dan what made him want to be a mentor and he shared, “I thought it would be a fun and good experience.”

These two are an awesome match who love spending time together. They love to sit around and talk about sports. As well, there favourite memory includes going to see the Raptors play in Toronto and spending the whole day together. Sounds fun! We asked these two what they have learned from one another and they said, “Learning how to listen and changing the way we communicate to each other and others.”

These two really click and you could tell by the conversation that the relationship has just become natural to them. This was echoed when we asked Dan, how has being a mentor impacted his life? His answer, “Positively! It doesn’t feel like I am a volunteer, it’s just a thing I do!”

We also asked Andrew if he would consider becoming a volunteer in the future, “Yeah I would consider it, I feel like this program has given a lot to me and I feel like it would be good to give some back eventually.”

We really appreciate Dan and Andrew taking the time to share and we wish them all the best in future! But before we go our staff wanted to comment on this match, “Daniel and Andrew are just an awesome match. They both have busy schedules but make a real effort to stay connected. Daniel is giving of himself of time. He does things for Andrew and his family, like helping them move, without asking. He’s a great guy that is committed to being a positive role model.  Andrew has a lot of respect for Daniel, and appreciates him. Their family is awesome to do updates with. They’re a lot of fun to work with.”

Stay tuned for next month’s match of the month!

March Match of the Month – Meet Alex & Gabby!

Alex became a Big Sister last November. Read about why she decided to volunteer, and her “Big” experience so far!

When we asked why Alex wanted to be a Big Sister, she said she remembers a Big Sisters commercials years ago, and always thought it would be a cool experience. Coming from a large Greek family with lots of siblings and cousins, Alex was always used to having lots of kids around. When she decided to stay in London after finishing university, she was missing that connection to the younger generation in her life. Once she found herself settled, she knew she was ready to make the commitment necessary to be matched with a Little.

Alex and Gabby were matched on November 19th, 2013– and Alex says they “couldn’t have been matched better.”

Although Alex and Gabby do lots of things together (their first match outing was attending the Lighting of the Lights), their favorite thing to do is get their nails done. While Alex sticks to her signature red, Gabby likes to change things up every time. Her most daring choice yet? Hazel, which Alex admits she was a little unsure about at first, but after checking with mom, gave Gabby the go ahead.

They also have lots of fun staying in too, whether its playing cards, doing puzzles, or just talking and being silly, Alex appreciates that Gabby brings out her childish side.

As Alex is visually impaired, she knows that Gabby is learning more about people living with disabilities from her. Although she admits they are both learning from one another, Alex believes she is teaching Gabby that with patience and persistence, you can always achieve your goals.

We asked Alex how being a Big Sister has impacted her life, and although they have only been matched for a short time, Alex says, “It’s fun, it’s very fulfilling, and it’s a chance to give back. It’s also a real privilege for me to be a part of her life.” She says they both look forward to their visits together (“It’s a chance to be silly and have fun!”) and she appreciates how much she has gotten to know Gabby. “It’s an ideal situation and she’s a lovely person. She’s so kind, thoughtful and considerate.”

And what would Alex say to someone who is thinking about being a Big?
“Just do it. Don’t hesitate. It’s not a huge time commitment, and the reward is so much greater. It’s such a worthwhile contribution… just step up and do it!”