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Match of the Month


Meet July's Match of the Month: 

Carly and Alex! They have been matched for over two years! Amazing!

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If so, please contact Jackie Anger at jackie.anger@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca  or 519-438-7065 x6236 - or talk to your Mentoring Coordinator.

Carly and Alexa1 

We hope that you’re all enjoying the wonderful summer weather and here we are with Match of the Month. This month we feature Carly and Alexa who have been matched for two years this past March! We sat down to get to know these two wonderful people better!

Carly, tell us what made you want to volunteer with BBBSOLA? “I am an only child so being able to be a mentor has kind of given the opportunity to help out within the community as well as become, big sister, to an amazing little – Alexa. My cousin is also a mentor and encouraged me to try.”

That is amazing and we always encourage anyone to pass on how wonderful their mentoring experience was to inspire others. But back to these two who shared that they love baking and of course being outdoors when the weather is nice. So what have they learned from one another? Carly shared that, “Alexa and I always have fun no matter what we do. We always make the most of our meetings and even if it is something very simple Alexa has fun. She has reminded me how important it is to enjoy the little things in life and not take anything for granted.”

So what is their favourite memory together then? Well of course, it is when last summer they made lemonade and sold it at a table with homemade cookies! Doesn’t that sound delicious? Carly and Alexa wanted to emphasize how important it is to have fun and forget about other things going on like school and work when they’re together. How true!

What would Carly say to someone considering being a mentor? “Go for it! The team at BBBS is great at matching you with a little that they think will be best suited to you. I am so grateful to have Alexa in my life as my little sisters and a friend. The longer you are matched with you little the more you get to learn about them and the more you will feel you are having a positive impact on a child’s life.”

What powerful words! Thank you Carly! We want to thank these guys but our hearts melted when we asked Alexa if she would consider being a mentor one day, “yes, because if it means having as much fun as I do now I will.”

Finally, we let Mentoring Coordinator Jackie share some words about this match, “Carly and Alexa are a lovely match; I’m so glad they’re on my caseload. I love how they are just more like sisters than a match, now.  The way they speak about each other with such respect is really lovely.  Updates are always easy and positive.  They are a big part of each other’s lives.  I love hearing all their creative activity ideas! Carly is great Big Sister, and Alexa