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Match of the Month


Meet June's Match of the Month: 

Brittany and Ciara! They have been matched for over two year! Amazing!

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Welcome once again to Match of the Month! This time we are happy to announce that our match of the month of Big Sister Brittany and her Little Sister Ciara. They have been match for over 2 years and we could not be more excited to sit down and chat with them!

These two know how to have a good time and there is a number of activities that they enjoy. Some of their favourites include watching movies, discussing tv show and enjoying some pizza along with it! So we asked Brittany what made her want to be a big sister, “I was part of Go Girls, once I graduated University, it feel into place. I had a friend in University who was matched and she encouraged me. She loved it.”

Brittany spoke to the confidence that she sees in Ciara and how she is very outspoken. Brittany also shared that she some loves the time they spend each week together as each individual experience is rewarding. We asked Ciara what their favourite memory together was, “when we went to Dollarama to go shopping.”

One of our most much loved questions is how the match has impacted their life:

Brittany, “It has made me more responsible. It’s once a week to focus on each other.”

Ciara, “She’s like a super close friend but she doesn’t treat me like a little kid like most adults would.”

We want to thank Brittany and Ciara for taking some time to spend with us. I think it is best to leave with the comments from the Mentoring Co-ordinator, “This is a really fun match! They mutually just really enjoy their time together. Their updates are a lot of fun to do. This match really respects each other.”

Amazing and tune in for next month’s match of the month!