February 2017

Dan and Ben

Meet February’s Match of the Month Ben and Dan!

Ben and Dan have been a match for 2.5 years! Way to go guys! We took some time to sit down with these two and get to know them a little better. We started by asking Dan why he became a mentor, “The opportunity to give back and strengthen the community and to spend time with a young person and partake in fun activities.”

These two love spending time together. From playing video games, to sports and more. They also love to cook together and see what creations they can come up with. As Dan shared, “Trying a new activity for the first time.”

Ben loves being active and getting out of the house. It is this impact that he shares with Dan who told us, “Through trying new things that I may not have tried otherwise, I’ve discovered new interests and feel I have become better-rounded.”

We asked Ben what his favourite memory was, “Toronto Blue Jays Game.”

So what does Dan then say to someone thinking about being a mentor? “I have had a very fun and rewarding experience. BBBSOLA is very kind and supportive if you have any questions; a great organization and initiatives to support!”

Their mentoring co-ordinator had this to say, “Ben and Dan Ben and Dan are a great match.  They respect each other and their time together, have similar interests, and see each other’s strengths.  They speak so highly of each other and their families. This match is very grateful for their time together. They are keen to engage in agency events, and hang out with us, too!

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