January 2017

Axie and Rochelle Pic

Meet Axie and Rachelle January's Match of the Month

These two are an unstoppable match! After three successful years, they’re still going strong. We sat down with this wonderful match as we always do and got some info. Axie shared that she became a mentor, “I’ve always liked working with kids, and I wanted more experience. I like the 1:1 aspect of this. I am glad I did it.”

For these two it’s the basics that keep them together. They love to talk, watch movies and skate. Axie taught Rachelle how to skate and now she is on a hockey team.

One of the most important parts of any match is learning. We asked them both what they learned from each other:

Axie, “She has taught me patience, that everyone is special in their own right. She is an amazing girl, and she sees the best in everyone.”

Rachelle, “Be patient, be respectful, say please and thank you. Be kind. She also taught me how to skate.”

You can tell by talking to this match that they really care and respect one another. Axie shared that her favorite memory is, “Our anniversaries! We always do dinner, or lunch. It’s a great way to remember our relationship.”

It is amazing the impact matches can have on one another. Learning, impact but also the simple things. Rachelle shared that, “if I have a bad day, she always cheers me up. She’s awesome.”

It is no surprise that when we followed with a question about whether she would be a mentor one day she said, “Yes, I would. I think we could lots of fun things. I could teach her how to skate or ride a bike. Could practice.”

Mentoring Coordinator Crystal was kind enough to share this thought on the match, “They are an example of a positive, long lasting match. Regardless of all the commitments they have on top of the match, they are able to stay consistent with their visits. They speak highly and positively of each other, as if they were actual sisters.”

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