March 2017

Maxwell Wilson and Benjamin Circelli

Meet March's Match of the month Ben and Max!

While they’re still a fairly new match Ben and Max have really gotten to know one other in 6 months. We sat down with these two to get to know them better. We asked Ben what made him decide to mentor, “I wanted to become a mentor because I wanted to make a positive difference in a young person’s life.”

It seems like this match stays rather busy. When asked what was their favourite thing to do together Max couldn’t name just one, “Swimming, going to the Western Fair, and my adventures with Ben, and sporting events.”

Wow, these two like to stay active! We often say that with our matches and mentors they learn just as much as the mentee and that’s very true in this case. Ben commented, “Everytime I am with Max he shows examples of the importance of empathy, respect, and generosity. These are values that can be easily forgotten in today’s world.”

It continues as Ben shares with us his favorite memory, “My favourite memory with Max is our first memory. We went to the Ska-Nah-Doht Iroquois Village. We went for a hike through the woods and got lost. It took us almost an hour to find the car; but it was the beginning of the bonding between Max and I. We learned to work together and became closer as mentee and mentor.”

These matches are very important and we asked mentee Max how this has impacted him, “Ben has taught me new things; and has been a great friend. Being a mentee has given me somebody to talk to every week.”

As always we referred to their mentoring coordinator for comment on this amazing match, “Ben and Max have only been matched for 6 months, but in this time they’ve really developed into a healthy, positive mentoring match.  Big Brother Ben has been coming up with some really fun, original ideas for activities, like hiking at Ska-Nah-Doht, or the city football finals.  When Little Brother Max was telling me about the football game he was really impressed by all the people that came up to say ‘hi’ to him and Ben, and that he felt welcomed into Ben’s life.  Ben and Max have really well matched personalities, both being flexible and open to trying new things.  Max’s mom Terry has been impressed by how Ben is so child-focused in the match, doing things that Max enjoys, like getting slurpees.  I had to laugh when Terry told me that Max’s biological brother refers to Ben affectionately as Max’s “frother” (fake-brother).  Best of all was when Terry told me that, out of nowhere, Max told her one day that he felt like he and Ben were becoming closer; he had just been thinking about it and wanted to share it with his mom.  While Max recognizes that he and Ben are still getting to know each other, they’ve already built a very natural, comfortable mentoring relationship in the time that they’ve been matched.  My thanks to Ben, Max and Terry for all being such awesome match participants!  

Congrats Ben and Max!

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