November 2016

Melissa Noseworthy and Emma Fonseca comiccon

Meet November’s Match of the Month Emma and Melissa!

Emma and her little Sister have been matched for about a year and a half and to them it feels like so much longer! Noting Emma that, “It sounds crazy but sometimes it feels like she really could be my sister.”

We of course asked them what are some of their favourite things together and Emma jumped at the chance to share, “Culinary Excursions! Which is a fancy way of saying that we like to eat food. We also play a lot of Minecraft and I’m always amazed by how creative Emma can be.”

When asked what they have taught each other Melissa simply and adamantly said, “Inspired.”

Emma spoke, “This will sound strange, but Emma has taught me to look at things more “big picture”. She is confidence and so sure of herself and knows who she is and she never compromises that. She will fight for what she believes in, and she is very loyal to her friends. We could all learn a thing or two from her and believe I ourselves a bit more, I think!”

These two are so cool they even have their own Holiday. Each June they celebrate EmmaMelissa Day!

What would Emma say to someone thinking about being a volunteer? “I would say definitely go for it. The wait list is huge and there is a little somewhere who is looking for someone to connect with and have fun! If you aren’t sure about being a mentor, you can still go through the training and help with activities, or connect with littles on the wait list that want to go to events even though they haven’t been matched yet. It’s such an important part of my life and I’m so happy I’ve been doing this for the better part of ten years.

We asked Mentoring Co-ordinator Fergus to share his thoughts, “This is a match has been together for about a year and a half.   From my check-ins with Emma and Melissa it is very apparent how well matched they are.  From enjoying playing Minecraft with each other, to going to Comicon and their ‘Culinary Expeditions’ they always find activities that they both enjoy.  This match celebrates everything that makes them unique, and when I hear them talk about each other I can tell how close a bond they have.  One of my favourite pieces of feedback from a little of all time is when Emma said that Melissa is “someone who actually likes me for me”.  Emma is one of the most insightful, bright kids I’ve ever met and I am so glad that she has a Big Sister like Melissa that sees and appreciates all of her strengths

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