October 2016

Nicole Amie Picture

Meet October’s Match of the Month Nicole and Amie!

Nicole and her little sister have been matched for four months and their relationship, while new, is amazing! As a recent volunteer we thought we’d ask Nicole why she became a mentor, “I wanted to be a positive part of somebody’s life. Being part of an experience like this, I knew I would get something out of it, too.”

Now when we asked some of the things they like to do together we certainly could relate. I mean you can’t tell us that this hasn’t been done sometime in your life! “Put all of the windows down in the car, turn up the music, and sing at the top of our lungs, and car dance.”

What have they learned from each other? It is always an important question because both mentor and mentee grow in their match:

Nicole: She has taught me to be confident in who you are. She owns it!

Amie: She has taught me how to just let go and be yourself.

Being a mentor is important for so many reasons. This match has showed us that it really can impact both sides. We asked Nicole how it has impacted her life, “You don’t want to let someone down. She has also opened my eyes to resilience, and perseverance.

When we asked Amie about being a mentor one day she said in a resounding tone, “Yes! I would because I have had such a good experience with Nicole. She’s nice, she’s kind, awesome, she’s a great Big Sister!

We also spoke to their mentoring coordinator Jackie who had this to say, “When talking to Amie and Nicole, it’s really clear how much fun they have together, and how much Amie looks up to Nicole as a mentor.  Nicole is a confident leader, and talks Amie through her experiences.  Amie and her family have been wonderful to get to know.  They are also well engaged as a match. We have loved having Nicole and Amie attend agency events, like our Pride Parade together. I love talking to each of them each month for updates!”

Congrats Nicole and Amie!

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