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Staff Spotlight

August 2017


Connect2Mentoring Summer Students Cameron, Tiffany and Shaina!




Staff spotlight time is back again! Who better to interview then our wonderful Connect2Mentoring Summer students! They may only be with us for the summer but they’re an integral part of our team.We want you to meet Cameron, Tiffany and Shaina! Welcome!

So what does a day look like for them? Cameron shared, “Our day typically is unexpected no day is the same as another. You always have to be on your tip toes and be ready for anything to happen and react as soon as possible to the situation good or bad. Some of our duties are; signing children in/out with their parents, being there for children if they need to speak up, giving lessons on how to build friendships and social skills, but mostly having fun!

Tiffany added, “That's the best part about the job. There is no "typical" day. Our duty is to facilitate the Connect2Mentoring summer edition which revolves around the central themes of mentorship, friendship, strength, and empathy. This involves a variety of activities, games, and discussions which can all be different from week to week depending on the group of kids we have. We have to constantly be on our toes in preparation for any possible situation...but that's what makes this job so fun! Above all, our role is to be a positive role model for the children who come to our program, and promote a safe and FUN environment.

And Shaina, “My day to day duties are typically always different, to this day there hasn't been a single day that is the same as another. The majority of my duties involve interacting with the children through one on one and group interaction. Something crucial that I find to this position is always being ready for anything to happen and react as soon as possible to the situation good or bad. Some of my duties include signing children in/out with parents, supporting the children, being a positive role model, discussing topics on friendship, social skills and more. But overall, ensuring there is a positive safe and supporting environment for the children. 

You can really see the passion they have for their work and we are so lucky to have them with us! They talked to us about loving to work with young people and really making a difference in their community. But of course, it can’t be all work right!? We want staff spotlight to be about getting to know the person. Cameron was kind enough to share when we asked about a dream vacation, “If I could take a "dream" vacation I would take a trip around Canada! Canada is a beautiful country and I live here and have only seen Ontario and Newfoundland! Canada has some amazing Scenery and I think it would be amazing to know our own country better. I also have many family members around Canada so to see them all in their own parts of Canada would be really amazing to me!

Tiffany said, “It's hard to pick just one...but it would be an absolute dream to take a year off of school and backpack around the world starting in North America and working my way around to every continent. One of my goals is to see all 7 Wonders of the World (among many others) so I think this would be the perfect way to do that!

Finally Shania, “If I could take a dream vacation anywhere in the world I would be in Paris France. It has always been my dream to see the Eiffel Tower.”

Thank you all for your hard work! We appreciate all the work you do. Come back soon for another staff spotlight!

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