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Staff Spotlight

April 2017

Mandy McDonagh,  Supervisor of Innovative Mentoring Programs 


Mandy M    

It is Staff Spotlight time and we’d like to introduce to our Supervisor, Innovative Mentoring Programs, Mandy McDonagh! We sat down with Mandy to get to know her better. Mandy has been working with BBBSOLA for 2 and half years and started in September of 2014 and we are so lucky to have her talents at our organization.

So Mandy, tell us what a day looks like for you, That’s the best part of my job – there is no typical day. Right now, I’m preparing to re-launch a program called the Ethno-Racial Youth Mentoring Program. This involves interviewing potential mentors, and meeting with families interested in joining the program. I’m also developing activities for the families and mentors to take part in, that honour and celebrate everyone’s culture, and of course, are tons of fun!”

Mandy as many of us at BBBSOLA love coming to work each day but we had to ask what was Mandy’s favourite part? Her answer, “I love hearing about all the amazing things that matches are up too.”

We thought we’d take some time and ask Mandy some fun questions and get to know more about her. So Mandy, if you could have any three wishes what about they be? Mandy says, “To have an amazing singing voice, for it to be spring all year round, and to learn to speak a second language.”

So Mandy why don’t you tell us your favourite food and least favourite food? Mandy said and I think many of us would be in agreement, “This is a hard question… because I love to eat all kinds of food! If I had to narrow it down, I’d say my favourite food is pizza and my least favourite is Brussel Sprouts.”

For our last question, we wanted to hear something that people may not know about Mandy, “I love to cook! One of my favourite TV shows right now is Master Chef. I love to get pointers.”

Thanks Mandy!


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