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Rock the Park 2017

Rock the Park 2017 July 12-16th 2017 at Harris Park.

Wednesday: Lady Antebellum, Kelsey Ballerini, Brett Young and Jason Benoit

Thursday: Wiz Khalifa, Fetty Wap Ft. Monty, DJ Mustard and TBD

Friday: Virgin Radio’s: I love the 90’s ft.Salt & Peppa, Vanilla Ice, Naughty by Nature, Rob Base, Colour me Badd, All-4-One, C C Music Factory, and Young MC .

Saturday: FM96 Presents  The Offspring, Sublime with Rome, July Talk, and Bleeker

Sunday:  Virgin Radio presents Alessia Cara, Marianas Trench, Scott Helman, Ruth B and Ryland James.

Volunteer Position Description:

Must be 18+ Please sign up for any days you are available. There is no minimum number or maximum number of days you have to sign up for, but all shifts will be 2:30-11pm.

Position Descriptions

SMART SERVER and Beverage Handler

Volunteers serving alcohol directly to festival patrons MUST BE SMART SERVE TRAINED with their certificate number indicated on their name tag for easy inspection by any representative of the Alcohol, Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). You will be directed by your Activity Leader on your role. Your responsibility will be to receive tickets from the patron and serve the appropriate amount regardless of how many tickets he or she may have. Only TWO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES CAN BE SERVED AT ONE TIME. Any concerns about service should be immediately directed to your zone leader. Beverage service volunteers will be responsible for opening cans, unloading alcohol from the truck and other duties as assigned so that they can be placed on the table for Smart Servers.

*We will collect all Smart Serve numbers before the event. Please ensure that your zone leader has this information and it is included on your name tag.

Ticket Seller

You will be under the direction of your zone leaders. This will be who you check in with upon arrival. As per the ticket chart provided with this guide and posted in your tent it will be your responsibility will be to process the beverage ticket requests from the patrons. A TOTAL OF 5 BEVERAGE TICKETS can be sold at one time to a patron – refer to Pricing Grid. US funds will be treated at Par. Excess cash will be bagged/collected throughout the evening by Cash Team member please alert your zone leader if you have concerns.

Beer Truck (Full Toe Shoes and Gloves)

You will be responsible for unloading alcohol and beer out of the truck and passing it to other volunteers. This will not be a whole shift job but rotated due to heavy lifting. You will also be under the direction of your zone leader. It is recommended that you wear close toe shoes.

Volunteer Booth

During breaks volunteers will attend this booth for food and refreshments. It will be your duty to barbecue, serve food and clean up. This will all be done under the direction of your zone leader.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the number of available volunteers and how busy your zone is you may be asked to collect trash and recycling.  This will help to ensure that while shifts due end at 11 the end of the night clean-up is made easier. At the end of the night volunteers will be directed to clean up the park and collect recycling.

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