Jeff and Ivan

"I can't tell you how honoured, how proud I was"

About 25 years ago I came to you, looking to give back to the community, and had a chat with a caseworker, who matched me with a young fella. We hit it off right away, and despite certain challenges, we flourished, had a great time together, and stayed big brother,/ little brother for 4 years.

Life moved on, I moved to Europe, and the letters faded away over time and eventually we lost contact.

A couple years ago, a got a phone call. The wonders of the Internet, (Facebook) brought us together again! He still lives in London, and I live in Nova Scotia.

My 'little' said, "Jeff, I want to say something, and I want to ask you something."

"Ok, bud, what's up?" I responded, curious.

"Well, when I was a kid, I never really properly thanked you. I mean, you took me bowling, fishing, to MacDonald's, we threw the Frisbee around.... It kind of changed my opinion of people."

We talked for a bit about how it wasn't just a one-way thing, but I enjoyed it very much as well. My 'little' was smart, funny, a real blast to hang out with.

He paused, and said, "I also wanted to ask you something..."

"Sure, go ahead."

"I'm getting married in a few months... I was wondering if you'd stand up for me at the wedding. Would you be my best man?"

I can't tell you how honoured, how proud I was. There are no words... The impact, the influence I must have had on that kid, so long ago, must have meant more than I even imagined. I was floored!

A few months later, I made the drive from Halifax to London, and stood for this kid. It was great to see him again, and meet the charming and lucky woman that will share his life.

He called after all these years to say thanks, when really, I owe him the thanks, and I owe Big Brothers a big thanks for making the whole thing come together in the first place.

Keep up the great job, guys!

Jeff, Big Brother 1988-1992

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