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Pamela's experience

"I'll always be grateful for my time as a Big Sister."

When people learn that I'm a Big Sister, I often get a remark on how great it is that I volunteer my time and how fortunate my Little is. That's when I say that I am the lucky one.

I've been matched with my Little for seven years and have watched her become a more and more responsible, caring and lovely young woman along the way. We have experienced a lot together over the years, and shared memorable moments. BBBSOLA has provided unique outings such as 'Haunted' walks in cornfields, London Knight's games, as well as meeting Canadian Olympic Athletes and rowing with them at the Fanshawe Conservation Area. My favourite moments, however, are from the times we baked new recipes or went for a walk in Springbank Park together. Those were the outings where we had quality time to talk and I could really listen to the challenges my Little was facing. I'd usually offer my guidance on whatever was on her mind, though sometimes just offering my friendship and understanding seemed to help. I'll always be grateful for my time as a Big Sister.

There is such a great need for compassionate Mentors to the girls and boys of London and area. I hope you'll take the rewarding step, from thinking about becoming a Big, to actually becoming one.

- Big Sister Pamela

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