Taylor & Kayvon

Taylor and Kayvon 

Little Brother Kayvon:

Taylor has been my big brother for the last 14 months now and it is going great! I get excited when I get to see him. I like playing Nintendo Wii with him, getting our fish Jackson Rod Stewart (beta fish) and playing with his cat. Taylor has got funnier since I first met him, and he’s also a bit taller now. He is good at playing soccer, throwing a Frisbee and playing other sports. I enjoy spending time with him each week and I would be disappointed if we couldn’t hang out anymore. One time Taylor and I went to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and we were the only ones in the entire theatre. I like spending time and having fun with him.

Big Brother Taylor:

My Little and I have been matched for 14 months now and it’s going great! I’ve seen a lot of improvement in his manners and his confidence over the past year. It’s nice when I pick him up and see him come running to the door with a smile on his face ready for whatever we do that day. He is very intelligent and always has something to teach me that he learned in school that week. He definitely brings out the kid in me and always has me running around as I try to keep up with him.

I feel very supported by the agency as they are always sending me e-mails and letting me know of fun activities to do around London. A lot of the time, the agency covers the costs for these special outings such as a movie day at the theatre, London Knights games and even NHL Maple Leaf games. There’s always someone to contact if you ever feel uncomfortable or unsure of a scenario but that has yet to arise for our match.

This relationship means a lot to me as we learn from and about each other. I’ve really seen him loosen up and be himself around me as brothers do. His personality always brings me up to his level if I’m having a bad week. I often take for granted the little things and my Little has taught me to be a more optimistic person by seeing his excitement over something as simple as a bike ride together.

When I was first interested in signing up I thought it was going to be more intense where I’d be expected to see him 3 or 4 times a week when in reality, it’s only 3-4 hours a week. It’s not a lot to ask for and it really makes an impact on both parties. BBBSOLA also has a ‘low cost- no cost’ policy so that you’re aware, you don’t have to spoil your little. You’re there to be a listening ear and most importantly, to have fun.  

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